Winning the War for Talent 2.0 - what you need to do

Winning the War for Talent 2.0 - what you need to do
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People Profits is redefining HR - by rejecting the mindset that created HR. We assist our clients by injecting fundamental business and financial principles into the HR function - which transforms HR from a COST center into a PROFIT center. Our expertise is based on developing a Human Capital Strategy and implementing our proprietary systems and processes that will increase the value of your greatest asset and your BOTTOM LINE.

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"There has been a seismic shift in the war for talent. Those that don’t understand that shift and change their approach to talent management are going to fall into a newly opened crevasse from which they may never escape."

George Bradt, Forbes, 2015 

"Old School" can be very effective - but not in the War for Talent 

Winning the War for Talent 2.0:

  1. The vast majority of companies are not prepared,
  2. Don't know what to do and
  3. Will not be able to fill their open positions.
The winners of the War for Talent 2.0 will prosper greatly.

The winners of the War for Talent 2.0 will: 

  1. Have a good organizational story to tell,
  2. Tell it well,
  3. Have a highly crafted, individualized Human Capital Strategy and Plan,   
  4. Will implement that strategy and plan effectively and boldly.
The goal is to attract quality candidates that fit your "Target Candidate" who can: 
  1. Buy in and engage with your Vision and Mission
  2. Fit your stated organizational values,
  3. Envision the overall organizational strategy,
  4. See how they can further that strategy,  
  5. Grasp how they can develop over 5-10 years,  
  6. Become an Employer Advocate for the organization. 
Case study: A manufacturing company saw a significant increase their employees becoming "Employer Advocates". This led to lower turnover, greater ability to recruit who we wanted and in the long run became the Employer of Choice of our industry.

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