What is your number one reason?

Each client is different and they are facing different problems. However, given what we do, the problems are generally in one of three buckets:

  1. Employee turnover which is severely damaging their business
  2. Chronically open positions which is reducing their capacity and costing them business
  3. A severe skills gap which limits their production and capabilities

Many times our clients wait too long and much more damage is sustained before we can start making the changes. Organizations are not aware they are currently spending an incredible amount of money on the above issues. They are also foregoing revenue, profits and opportunities as long as these issues continue. A small percentage of this current cost would fix the problems going forward. This is a very small investment relative to the annual cost of the issues. Further, the solutions will save money for years to come.

The Return on Investment (ROI) is out of sight!!

One of the companies I worked for was opening a new service line. We made a decision to staff the new service line with some of our best current employees. However that created a problem in our original service lines. By moving the employees to the new service line, we now needed 30% more hires. We were also losing years of experience in the current service lines. Our experienced operators would need to focus on the new service line. They would not have much extra time to train and troubleshoot in the old lines. This would put additional stress on the operators staying in the old service lines.

The solution would clearly come from outside the box

We started looking for some of the experienced operators who had worked for us previously. I have been pleasantly surprised in the past how successful this has been. People always have things happen in their lives and sometimes the path is a circle. We ended up hiring back several of these employees. We did not need a large number; but, each one was worth their weight in gold due to the experience they had. We ended up hiring a couple of other operators who did not have experience. However, they had a recommendation of the experienced operator who would mentor them. The experienced operators knew they were good employees and had the ability to learn quickly.

What is your number one reason and how can we help you find the out of box solution?