What 5 strategies drive employee loyalty?

"Employee loyalty is at a seven year low."

- MetLife 10th annual employee survey

Do you feel your employees are loyal to you and your organization?

Do you know the strategies to EARN their loyalty?

People Profits Principle #9

Five of the top six elements of employee satisfaction

The reasons cited for this lack of loyalty are:  

  1. Previous layoff criteria which focused on MAXIMIZING PAYROLL SAVINGS
  2. VAGUE CAREER PATHS which lack a motivating driver
  4. Supervisors who DEMAND PERSONAL not organizational loyalty
  5. Millennials who have an expectation of HAVING MANY JOBS

Loyalty and engagement can not be bought - it is earned

A loyal relationship will have these 4 criteria: 

  1. A MUTUALLY RESPECTFUL interaction
  2. Both parties COMMUNICATE even the BAD ISSUES
  4. Both want THE OTHER ONE to be SUCCESSFUL

Communication is the key

What can you do to build loyalty in your organization?   

  1. Keep the four ABOVE CRITERIA in mind and in action
  2. Show PERSONAL INTEGRITY at all times even when it is difficult
  3. Do NOT SHOW FAVORITISM - explain why someone got that promotion
  4. Appropriate TRANSPARENCY - showing frustration is good, anger is bad
  5. GIVE CREDIT to employees liberally - even if it was your idea

  How much easier would life be if everyone was loyal to each other?

People Profits case study: An international service company had a major problem with employee loyalty. After review it became obvious that the problem stemmed from supervisors who were promising employees raises and promotions - which never happened. We immediately topped that practice and instituted a compensation plan which included raises based on employees meeting concrete objectives. Simply the employee attained the milestone - they received a raise. There were many other strategies, systems and processes which were also instituted. Altogether loyalty and engagement soared.

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