Webinar: Creating and Implementing a Human Capital Strategy

The First Step Toward Profitability and Compliance

This is my first webinar with Compliance Online: This HR compliance training will provide attendees simple but powerful tools for creating and implementing an effective human capital strategy and plan which will drive out costs, increase Return on Investment (ROI) and get the results one requires.

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Speaker Instructor: Clark Ingram
Product ID: 703252

Why Should You Attend:

Rising employee turnover, declining employee engagement, inability to find or keep good employees, keeping bad employees due to work requirements, failure to motivate employees, soaring training costs, deteriorating employee satisfaction survey results: the list goes on and on. These are all symptoms of a root problem – the lack of a cohesive, integrated human capital strategy and plan that is focused on the company’s business plan, vision, values and Return on Investment (ROI).

This webinar will focus on seven elements of human capital management and how they must work together to attain the results that one’s organization wants and needs. The basic issues one’s organization faces in each of the elements will be reviewed and examples will be given for creating and implementing strategies and plans for each element that will synergize with the other six elements. This will drive out costs, increase ROI and get the results one requires.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Human capital planning
  • Candidate attraction
  • Investing in employees
  • Employee deployment
  • Employee engagement
  • Performance evaluation
  • Employee retention
  • What are the top nine issues affecting employee engagement
  • Continuous measuring and realigning

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Why do most companies NOT have a documented human capital strategy?
  • What makes up a human capital strategy and plan?
  • What is the classic view of human resources and why it does not work?
  • How a company can develop a human capital “wheel”?
  • How to create and use an employer brand?
  • What are some of the issues in each of the elements of a human capital strategy?
  • How can these issues effect compliance and money making opportunities?

Who Will Benefit:

  • Owners
  • C Suite Executives
  • Private Equity investors
  • General Managers
  • Senior Management

Instructor Profile:

Clark Ingram, President of People Profits, is a HR expert with a CEO/CFO mindset. He has 25+ years as a VP of HR for four companies in four vertical industries. His financial and systems focus on Human Capital is a distinct departure from the Relational/Extroverted approach of most HR experts. His “integrated Human Capital wheel” approach solves many of the symptoms that plague most companies regarding their Human Resources and their HR department. He also introduced an innovative compensation program for service technicians, unlocking an area of highly profitable work for an international industrial manufacturer/service provider.

Clark's career accomplishments span the Financial, Diversified Energy, Industrial Manufacturing-Service, Management Consulting, Heavy Equipment, Healthcare and Apparel industries. He has shown the ability to see the common threads between industries while seeing the opportunities in the nuances of each industry and company.

People Profits is a member of the Board of Advisors of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Edmond Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of the Edmond Rotary and has been involved in many community activities, including being the 2011 Chairman of the Board of the Riley County (KS) United Way.

Topic Background:

”People are our greatest asset.” However, most organizations continue to struggle with HR departments that are focused on Employee Relations and paperwork. Business Owners and CEOs need more then this to make their organizations competitive, productive and profitable. The first step in making your people your greatest asset is to create and implement a human capital strategy and plan.