Top nine reasons employees work for their employer

Top nine elements of Employee Satisfaction –  

it is NOT about Pay and Employee Benefits

People Profits has found that after a thorough review of your current situation and the development of Human Capital Strategy and Plan money will be found to enhance both Direct Compensation and Employee Benefits.

The table below shows the result of a multitude of surveys on what generates Employee Satisfaction. Note that Direct Compensation is number five (5) and Employee Benefits is number seven (7). Neither is even in the top FOUR! It has also been our experience, when employees perceive that these two issues are within an acceptable range – they both fall off the list completely. Wage surveys are one way to quickly detect if this is even an issue for your company.

However there are larger issues. Job security and the financial position of the firm are paramount in the minds of employees. This is one reason why employees talk about pay - even when they are not looking for a raise!! They are asking about the security of their job and the financial strength of the company. 99.9% of the time supervisors give the exact WRONG answer when they respond to this type of question and do serious damage to Employee Satisfaction.

People Profits is a financially focused Human Capital Strategy firm and is here to help you with a Human Capital Plan and Strategy that will deal with this issue.  

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