Structural Motivation - Deploy

I can’t get my people to do what I want them to do!!

I feel like I spend all day whipping one employee after another…..

Structural Motivation - Deploy

Put the whip down…you are doing more harm than good.

One of People Profits’ specialties is finding ways to insert structural motivation into a work place. This is done by constructing work place policies, procedures, expectations, relationships and rewards in such a way as to structurally motivate employees to do what you want them to do.

As you can imagine this has to be done on a custom fit basis down to the department and individual employee basis. It has to fit the personalities of the people in the department or work group. The management style of the supervisor might need to be adjusted and realigned to the new paradigm.

At one company it was difficult to get employees to do the necessary training to be certified in different service lines. Once they did the basic training, they went to a company school to be certified. It was difficult to get employees to do the initial training much less show up for the school. We restructured the rewards, logistics of the training, expectations and general employee view of the training and school. Once that was completed we had a waiting list of employees for the school!!

Put away the whip and let us make your life easier!!

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