“She is a stud!” – A report from the field

Recently I had the opportunity to overhear a conversation. An employee of Company A was at a location owned by Company B. The employee saw Company B had posted on a white board that Company B had recently hired two new employees. The employee of Company A looked over at a supervisor of Company B and said “She is a Stud!” referring to one of the two newly hired employees.

The supervisor clearly respected the opinion of the first employee and they spoke for a few minutes as to why he thought one of the new employees was a “Stud”. He relayed that she knew what she was doing, would pitch in and help, would find things to do and was fun to work with. The supervisor was clearly excited about hearing the news that at least one of the two new employees was going to be a good employee.

I do not know what happened next – but I am willing to bet that it continued in this way. The supervisor then relayed the conversation to all of her employees including the source of the comment. Presuming the other employees had the same respect for the source – they would then get excited.

So what would happen on the first day? What would you do? I know what I would do. I would go out of my way to introduce myself to her, ask her if she needed anything, invite her to work with me, “let’s do lunch sometime” with the goal being to get to know her and find out what I could learn from her. Why? Because everyone wants to work with a good employee who is also fun.

My guess is her onboarding and engagement will go about as smooth as you could hope.

What has been your experience starting with a new company? Mine has run the gamut of very good to really bad. Some companies clearly did not have an onboarding strategy or plan. Others were inconsistent in application across departments, over time and what was actually done.

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