Recruiting strategy - expensive versus effective

Recruiting strategy - expensive versus effective
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"I can't find good people AND
 I'm spending a TON of $$$!"

How many times do we see organizations try to SPEND their way to results? So it is with a Recruiting Strategy. I see organizations do it the WRONG way:

  • Higher then market pay,
  • Lavish and expensive Employee Benefits,
  • Reliance on recruiters and staffing agencies. 

So what is the RIGHT way?

  • Determine the REAL reasons for your turnover - to reduce the burden on recruiting. .
  • Determine your STRENGTHS as an EMPLOYER that will resonate with your target candidates. 
  • OVER COMMUNICATE these strengths in as many ways as possible. 
  • Build a profile of your target candidates and their needs from an Employer.
  • Determine what your EMPLOYER COMPETITION is doing wrong and fulfill the need. 
There are many other issues, but this will get you started.....
The goal is to have an EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT recruiting strategy. 
Case Study: One organization became the EMPLOYER of CHOICE - target candidates came to us and we hired them for what they were currently making - not a DIME MORE!! 

So, if your current Recruiting Strategy looks like this:  


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