I need and can’t find people!! I can’t afford to pay 25% for recruiters. How can I find people without paying a fortune??




You should have no less than five sources for every job that you are trying to fill. Some of these sources will be free – just the cost of the time to do it. That might be the newspaper, radio, word of mouth, the internet, community bulletin boards, local colleges, state job banks and many, many more. The five sources will not be the same places for each type of job. Where you look for a secretary will be different than where you look for an accountant. We can help you make those selections! 

The big secret area of recruiting is the one area on which most companies spend the least amount of time and can yield greater results than all of the other sources combined!! The cost is generally minimal and the Return on Investment is huge!!
The internet is now the place to find a job. The problem with most businesses is that they have little knowledge of where to go and how much it should cost. The number one employment website is not or I am amazed by how many people have never heard of them! Many times a business goes to a website without knowing if the price being quoted is the going rate or too high.  Do your homework to make sure you are not overcharged. 

The more technical and higher the education requirements, you will find a greater quantity of websites available that focus on that particular job. You need to know which websites they are. The cost of these websites is higher but they are also an excellent place to find technical people.

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