Performance evaluations

One of my best people just quit after getting their yearly evaluation - I cannot stand doing evaluations!!

Do I have to do evaluations??Can someone do it for me?



How people fit into your organization is paramount in the mind of your employee. Whether their work product is acceptable is not a once a year project. The big secret of employee evaluations is that they should be constant. Any issues of marginal or unacceptable work product should be discussed with the employee immediately. These discussions should be positive and informative, focused on what the supervisor is looking for in the work product. These discussions should not be personal, demeaning or negative in any way.

Outstanding and exceptional work should also receive immediate praise. There is another trick to this that is free, easy, fun and has limitless Return on Investment! Do you want to know what it is?

The above is all very easy to say and unbelievably difficult to do in day to day practice. Getting supervisors to do it, day in and day out, is a painstaking process that leads to a huge Return on Investment. When you get used to doing constant evaluations you will find that it is a lot easier, not as stressing to everyone and leads to a better work environment.

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