The ONE and ONLY way to get invited to sit at the small table

The ONE and ONLY way to get invited to the small table?

HARD DOLLAR value to the organization and OTHER PEOPLE sitting at the small table
  • You can NOT do it by being seen as a COST CENTER
  • The CFO MANAGES a cost center - but is NEVER SEEN as a cost center
  • HR MANAGES the "GREATEST ASSET" - but is SEEN as a cost center

HR has a difficult time seeing how they can make this happen

They have a series of hurdles they MUST and CAN get over
How do CFOs do it?
  • Help the CEO drive Revenues and Profits at a macro level
  • Spend most of their time thinking strategically
  • Understand the business, industry and how to make money
  • Gives the CEO valuable feedback and ideas to drive hard $$$
Innumerable surveys have shown that CEOs do not see HR in this light

How can we change the CEOs view of HR and get an invite?

HR does not need another course in Finance 101
Show we UNDERSTAND and can APPLY Business/Financial principles:
  • Understand the current financial and strategic objectives 
  • Manage the Greatest Asset for greater impact on a macro level 
  • Develop and implement new strategies to drive revenues and profits
  • Make HR as lean and results driven as possible - repeat each year
  • Show we can move beyond the relational side of HR
  • Show we can equally embrace the business/financial side of HR

This is what CEOs want and will get you an invite to the C-Suite

Bridging the DISCONNECT between HR and the rest of the organization

Reducing the frustration felt by both the Organization and HR

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