Managing the bounce

The infection rate for the corona virus is going down in the majority of places. The hospitalization and death rates are also going down. This is all great news for our country and the rest of the world. For the last few days we have heard a lot about how the White House is trying to figure out the best plan for reopening the economy. We have no history or precedent to use as a guide; therefore, it will be exceedingly easy to make a mistake. There are think tanks all over the world, drafting plans which will minimize the time needed to restart the economy. Equally important will be minimizing the risk of the infection, hospitalization and death rates increasing again.  

Guarding against a “bounce” in the rates is a prime objective

The worst case scenario is this “bounce” in the charts. We have been successful in flattening the curve and seeing a downward trend. As we restart the economy, attention will be focused on any bounce which would be indicative that the plan is flawed. Going back to the American people and asking them to return to the current strict guidelines will be very difficult. That scenario will be much like the old cliché of “putting the genie back in the bottle”.

This issue also exists in employee turnover reduction plans

There are elements in and outside of your organization who do not necessarily want employee turnover to be dramatically reduced. Therefore, when developing the plan, care must be taken regarding those actions which might cause a bounce. There are an infinite number of issues which can cause a bounce if not planned for or implemented correctly.

Many of these issues which might cause a bounce are not readily seen or detectable. The White House has engaged the top minds and organizations to provide expert advice. These experts know the most relevant scenarios which can help as a rough guide for the new plan.  These experts will also know what areas have the greatest chance of creating problems or creating very positive results. This will help in what has been done effectively and what has failed in the past.

Much like the Corona Virus experts, employee turnover experts will bring knowledge and experience which will shorten the time needed to develop and implement a plan. They will also know what to keep an eye out for in your organization. They will see the hidden problems as they are approached.

Do you need help in developing a plan to dramatically reduce your employee turnover?