The majestic simplicity of 5/24 recruiting (TM)

The majestic simplicity of 5/24 recruiting (TM)
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People Profits is redefining HR - by rejecting the mindset that created HR. We assist our clients by injecting fundamental business and financial principles into the HR function - which transforms HR from a COST center into a PROFIT center. Our expertise is based on developing a Human Capital Strategy and implementing our proprietary systems and processes that will increase the value of your greatest asset and your BOTTOM LINE.


"Companies do not know how to recruit
- 111,000,000 results in .62 seconds"

- Google search performed on 2/11/2015 

So how do some organizations become the EMPLOYER OF CHOICE
and candidates break down their doors???

People Profits has a proprietary system called 5/24 recruiting (TM). 

  1. It is one part of a CUSTOMIZED RECRUITING SYSTEM.   
  2. It is AMAZINGLY SIMPLE in concept.
  3. Easily UNDERSTOOD.   
  4. Equally EFFECTIVE in finding talent.   
  5. SCALABLE to all organizational sizes.   

I hear it all the time...

           I can't find GOOD People...  

                             Nobody want to work NOWADAYS....

           There is a "TALENT GAP"......

                              I need someone with 5 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE

           Nobody wants to live in (name of city)..... 

                              The city is too SMALL or too BIG

            I can't AFFORD recruiters/staffing agencies.... 

                              They cost TOO MUCH....

                              And don't DELIVER.....

Case study: One company recruited 40-50 people over four years for jobs in the Supervisor, Manager, Director, VP space. We ended up hiring 1 person through a recruiter. Everyone else was hired through our customized recruiting system that included 5/24 recruiting.  

So, if your RECRUITING PIPELINE looks like this:   


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