It is outside my control! But is it within your influence?

“It is outside my control!” But is it within your influence?
                        A report from the field


  1. The capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, of others
  2. The action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, of another or others
Managers constantly say:
  1. “It is outside my control!”
  2. “I can’t do anything about it.”
  3. “The people at the top say we have to do it this way.”

A decision was being made that would negatively affect a couple of our offices:

  1. There was a lot of talk and some LOW LEVEL HYSTERIA
  2. Some said that it would “CRIPPLE” some of the offices
  3. Some comments were OVER THE TOP.
  4. It certainly NOT GOING TO HELP those offices.  

After the final decision was officially announced:

  1. I spoke to ONE OF THE MANAGERS of the negatively affected offices
  2. He was rather quiet, not upset, but you could HEAR THE GEARS TURNING
  3. He was trying to figure out how to MINIMIZE THE EFFECT of the decision
  4. Without VIOLATING the decision.

We both saw that as his job!
HR is NOT known for its’ ability to figure out creative business solutions.
I DON'T HEAR THE GEARS TURNING in HR people like I wished I did

Be creative, run the numbers, visualize the strategy, demand results

  1. Turnover is awful
  2. The organization does not know how to recruit
  3. Paying a ton of money for bloated employee benefits and
  4. Engagement is non-existent.

Is it outside of your control? Or are you going to figure out how to influence it?

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People Profits case study: A CEO once said that he wanted to do something. He was told that we could “get him 80% there”. His response was classic CEO: “Well that is 80% more than I have now!!” After discussing the idea, identifying some issues and agreeing on a few additional ideas the CEO was ecstatic with the final plan.

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