Human Resource products treat symptoms

There is a plethora of products to help you manage your workforce; however, they are like a puzzle. You need to know how to put it together. They are directed at the symptoms and will not solve the root causes of your employee turnover. Payroll systems, on boarding software, new ways to structure your work teams, a new round of employee benefits and last but not least – all of the new engagement programs.

Many of the products being sold are excellent tools. Personality profiles and engagement surveys, to name a couple, are infinitely valuable in strengthening your workforce when used by a trained expert. However, I see too many organizations that do not know all the features which are available. They also do not know which features are appropriate for them. Many times organizations are wasting time using irrelevant features.  

Systems should solve problems - not just create complications

Further, I see virtually no organizations who have the expertise to use these products to discover the root causes of their turnover. People Profits is a strong advocate for the highly selective use of the above mentioned products. They can and should be used to have a major impact on your employee turnover, chronically open positions and skills gap. This can only be done by someone who has the knowledge and experience using these products and applying them to the specific organization.  

For instance, I have seen many companies who benefit greatly by creating an intra-organizational resume for each of their employees. In the highly skilled service companies the use of these resumes is especially important. They can be used to “sell” the prospect on who will be working on their problems. It was much easier to show the prospect who the people are, what areas they were certified in and the years of experience. The better these resumes, the greater chance of maximizing the hourly rate you charge your customer.  

Any time you are seen as bragging on your employees – increases engagement

Another benefit of the resumes was the employees could see the consistency of the pay structure. They literally saw the correlation between their value, skills and experience listing, and how much the customer would pay for their services. They also saw how much revenue they brought in and how it related to how much they were paid. Engagement skyrockets when the employee can see these relationships clearly, which reduces employee turnover.

Employee turnover was not reduced by a product; but, by management using the products effectively.