HR does a lot of different stuff – can we get it all to work together??

HR does a lot of different stuff – can we get it all to work together??

The integration of the elements of a Human Capital Plan and Strategy

Too many times companies start implementing items within HR without taking the time to develop a cohesive Human Capital Strategy and Plan. The seven elements of a Human Capital Strategy and Plan are extremely interactive and a change in one area will affect all areas to some extent. Without a Strategy and Plan initiatives implemented in one area may negate initiatives in another. Vast synergies can be exploited when a plan is fully developed.

Are you ready to take advantage of these synergies?  

Plan: the tactical plans of what skills we need when, where and the associated cost.

Attract: what avenues we will use to attract the required talent.

Invest: analyze new skills and competencies that we must develop in our people and through what medium.
Deploy: placing employees into the organization, establishing the employee connections and maximizing the opportunity for success.

Engage - Culture - Values: determine the norms, principles, and behaviors that make up our company and how we reinforce them in the organization.

Performance Management – Future Leaders: establish how we will measure/reward success and identify future leaders.

Retain: agree on the strategies and processes that will be used to retain the employees that perform to the desired level.

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