How we make and save you money

 Our systems and processes will make your HR Department:  
  • ENTERPRISE MINDED - STRATEGICALLY aligned with the organization

  • Pinpoint opportunities for INCREASED REVENUES AND PROFITS


  • FUNCTIONALLY ALIGNED - all the pieces working together - effectively and efficiently 

People Profits will build a Human Capital Strategy and Plan affecting all seven elements of Human Capital. The deliverables by element are:


  • Human Capital Strategy and Plan
    • Getting everything to work together - the 7 Elements of HR can be synergistic thereby making and saving alot of $$$$!!
    • Custom fit to your organization - How are you different and better then your competitors? It works with Employees too!!
    • Eliminate conflicts between Elemental Strategies and Plans - conflicts cost money!!
    • Organizational changes requires changes in your Strategy and Plan.
    • Resulting in savings and profits
  • Compensation Plans
    • Base and incentive - matching your employees with the right Total Rewards strategy saves you $$$!!
    • Structural motivation - getting your employees to do what you want them to do!!
  • High profit opportunities not currently utilized - identifying and removing the Human Capital problems from high $$$ opportunities!!
  • New profitable service or product lines
    • Identifying the Human Capital obstacles and removing them.
    • Strategize and Plan the new opportunities
  • Identifying and retaining valuable employees - complete the Turnover calculator to see how much $$$ you are spending!!
    • Separating less valuable employees - bad employee bring worse employees. Good employees bring better employees.
  • Property/Liability/Workers Comp Insurance reviews
    • What coverage do I really need?
    • Cost and financing mechanism to custom fit your organization - $$$$!!
  • Employee Benefit reviews
    • Custom fit for your company and your target employees
    • Employee cost sharing - $$$$


  • Recruiting without spending a fortune
    • Target avenues and sources of candidates - with an emphasis on FREE!!
    • Internal recruiting agents within and outside of your Company.
    • Candidates seeking us out – not us chasing after them
    • Target skills and values
  • Roadmap to becoming the “Employer of Choice” - the "End of the Rainbow" - Great employees at low recruiting cost.
    • How do we get there and what needs to change? Focus on cost savings not spending more $$$!!
    • Employer Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats
    • Candidate assessment and selection - picking the RIGHT candidate!


  • Developing an Employee Development Plan - a key to ENGAGEMENT!!
    • Specific Organizational Training
    • Succession Planning development
    • Remedial training
    • Culture and values training
    • Assists in identifying both good and bad performers
    • Provides a prerequisite for promotion and pay increases
  • Cross training is always productive
    • Getting employees to do it can be difficult.
  • First line supervisor training is a lynch pin to organizational success - majority of voluntary turnover is due to poor supervisors!!
  • Employee development is a secret to many areas of Human Capital management and success.


  • The first three hours of someone’s employment are crucial
  • Resource allocation to increase productivity and profitability
    • Identify and adjust “Resource Hoarders” to reduce costs
  • Reduction of new hires that don’t come back after the first day or first week. 
  • Measurement of resource effectiveness and productivity


  • The FREE action that will increase engagement.
  • Another action previously discussed that can also be used to drive engagement.
  • A third action that costs nothing, rarely happens but will skyrocket engagement.
  • The hit to engagement of not evaluating well.
  • The cost of bad employees. 


  • The secret cost of doing employee evaluations badly.
    • The money to be made by doing them well. 
  • Generation X and Y and how they see “Annual” evaluations.
  • Sometimes my best people have “slumps” due to issues in their lives outside of work. What can I do to help them and help my business?


  • How can I keep my best employees? Sometimes I lose people to other companies for what I would be willing to pay - but then it is too late.
  • The Top 9 Elements of Employee Satisfaction and how they can be used to retain employees - customized for your Company
  • The cost of “warm bodies”. 
  • The cost of unnecessary turnover.
  • The "Turnover" scorecard.

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