How do you know a good candidate from outside your industry?


Oil and gas companies are reducing staff - good people with skills and experience

How can you know whether these people can transition to your industry?

Criteria to determine a good employee from outside your industry:

  1. What is their personality profile and does it show flexibility?
  2. How much of an overlap of basic skills between last and potential job?
  3. Are they trainable - professional certifications from their industry?
  4. Do they have a history of being promoted?
  5. Do they have a stable work history?
  6. What are their accomplishments and do they relate?
Some of my best hires have been people transitioning between industries.
The challenge and the newness is refreshing and invigorating to them.

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6 actions to make employee onboarding more effective

People Profits case study: A manufacturing service company found a trained person in a non-industry position easily and successfully transitioned into being one our service technicians. Once a couple of offices discovered the link and it was verified we then developed a strategy, system and process to maximize the value that it could bring us. The link continues to this day and is working successfully.  

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