Expensive Specialization!!

How “Bags of Money”TM are created by a lack of knowledge and experience

One of the reasons that People Profits see “Bags of MoneyTM” laying around in HR Departments is that a company has hired an HR Manager who is a specialist. Many HR Managers begin their careers at large corporations. They are put into one of the departments – Employee Benefits, Recruiting, Training and Development among others. They work in that department for five years or so - getting “experience”. They decide that they are ready to become a HR Manager. 

This usually means that they go to work for a much smaller company – who is looking for someone with expertise in that area. The problems arrive quickly as they are now in charge of all aspects of HR. Many times they discover that the area that management thought was the biggest problem is not. They learn that there are two other areas that are much bigger problems and they have little to no experience in those areas.  

They are hopelessly lost outside of their narrow band of knowledge and experience. They put forth their best efforts and complete some remedial training through conferences and seminars. They spend all their time focusing on the “fire of the day”. They cannot even begin to think strategically as they have little to no exposure to it and they can’t let go of the fire hose.

People Profits arrives on the scene and sees a HR department that is doing very well in the area the HR Manager has experience. We ask the CEO to complete our FREE ASSESSMENT and almost always it tells me what area their HR Manager began their career. In most cases, too much time, $$ and effort is being spent in the area the Manager feels comfortable. The other areas are neglected, not achieving goals and spending too much $$$.      

People Profits is the help you need to assist you in developing your Human Capital Plan for today and the future!!     

Clark Ingram, MBA, SPHR, CEBS, CPCU is the principal of People Profits which is a financially oriented Human Capital Strategy and Planning firm based in the OKC metro area. www.PeopleProfits.com ©2014 People Profits, LLC