Employee satisfaction

I have recently lost three employees who all reported to the SAME supervisor.

They all told me that they liked me, the company and their jobs.

But, could no longer handle how their supervisor treated them. What can I do??

Top nine elements of Employee Satisfaction – Immediate supervisor

The table below shows the result of a multitude of surveys that have been done on what generates Employee Satisfaction. Note that “relationship with immediate supervisor” is number four (4) on the list - ahead of both Compensation and Benefits.

People Profits has found that if an employee is happy overall with the company, pay and benefits that their relationship with their immediate supervisor becomes paramount. We have seen time again that weak front line supervisors can destroy an otherwise powerful company.  

What is:
1. The secret of an amazing Return on Investment of a relatively small amount of money spent on front line supervisors?
2. What is the one thing that Management should always be on the lookout for regarding front line supervisors and how they can damage the entire organization?
3. What is the one negative trait that will doom any supervisor to failure?
4. What is the one positive trait that will propel a Front Line Supervisor to success?

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