Do they want to work for you or just use you?

“I found another job more in line with what I want to do”

“I found another job which will allow me to use my degree”

“I have always wanted to (fill in the blank)”


How many times have you heard these and wondered if the employee ever had a long term interest in your organization? Did they just need a job while they looked for another job? Did they use you as a bridge from where they were to where they wanted to go? With no consideration of how it affected you.

In the meantime, you have brought them on board and started making plans with the idea of having them as a long term employee. It is one thing if the position is a fairly unskilled. It is another issue if this was a key position which you were counting on. You have wasted time, effort and money on someone who never saw your organization as a long term proposition.

So how do you figure out, during the interview process, whether someone really wants to come on board and make a difference? How do you identify the two groups? Value PathingTM, which is a proprietary business system of People Profits, provides several indicators during the interview. These indicators will help you get in the mind of the candidate.

Value Pathing is inherently long term. It details a path the employee will move along as they increase their value within the organization. The path also clearly shows how they will increase their value to themselves. Given this opportunity, the typical candidate, who is long term minded, will respond to the Value Path with lots of questions. They will want to know how it works and how committed the organization is to the path. This tells you they see how both the organization and they will benefit from the path.

Value is infinite when People and Profits work together

On the other hand, there have been times when applicants have literally told me: “I really don’t plan on being here for long.” Most candidates will not be that brazen. However, if they don’t ask questions, you have a clear indication of their short term focus which will lead you to make the obvious decision.

This is another example of how People Profits, LLC builds a structure where people and profits work together for the betterment of both.  Want us to help you build your path?