Buying fish or catching your own?

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

- Chinese Proverb

A constant complaint I hear from business owners is they cannot afford recruiters and/or temporary agencies. Given what most recruiters and temporary agencies charge, I agree with my business owners. Would it not make more sense to find someone who can teach you how to find employees?

Buying fish is expensive

As we discussed last week, there are certain things in fishing which are very important.

  1. What kind of fish are you trying to catch?
  2. Where are you going to be able to catch your type of fish?
  3. What are the proper weather conditions and time of day?
  4. What is the appropriate bait to catch your fish?

I have a family member who is an expert fisherman and he knows all the rules. Over the years, he has taught my sons how to fish. They have spent countless hours thoroughly enjoying fishing with their grandfather. Both of my boys now know how to fish on their own – successfully. They probably still don’t know as much as their teacher; but, they know enough to get the job done and enjoy it.

As we discussed last week, fishing and recruiting are very similar. Recruiting is not rocket science; but there are definitely certain rules and processes which you need to know. You have to build a strategy, system and process which works for your organization. If the strategy and process is built correctly, the day to day work should be minimized.

A recruiting strategy is not cookie cutter – it is custom cake making

I have run into too many organizations to count, who did not have an effective recruiting strategy or system in place. They simply did not know the rules of recruiting. No one had taught them. Teaching them was not in the interests of the recruiting firms. There are organizations who have now gone through the process of building the strategy and system. They are now familiar with the processes and know when to ask questions. They are now successfully recruiting on their own and they have also seen their employee turnover go down.

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