Attract and Retain

I can’t keep my good employees and can’t get rid of my bad employees. What can I do? 

Attract and Retain


You know who your good and bad employees are. Your employees, both the good and the bad, also know who they are!!

The good employees are looking for you to get rid of the bad employees and replace them with better employees. If you don’t the good employees will leave. The bad employees are just seeing how long they can get away with it before you get rid of them.

People Profits has dealt with this issue many times. Companies have struggled to keep good employees and keep bad employees just to keep a functioning workforce. In one instance, with a paradigm shift a company kept the good ones, fired the bad ones and over a period of time became the Employer of Choice in their industry. In another instance, turnover was decreased by 42% over three years saving the company $millions.

As Jim Collins says in his book “Good to Great”; mediocre companies hire quickly and fire slowly, while great companies hire slowly and fire quickly. Which are you?

Would you like People Profits to help you transform your workforce?

People Profits is a financially focused Human Capital Strategy firm and is here to help you with a Human Capital Plan and Strategy that will deal with this issue.       

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