Activity versus Results oriented people

Another unhappy customer!! The work was done but the final product was awful!!

Activity versus Results oriented people

Once again your employees did everything you asked them to do today - but did not focus on the desired results. So now you have an unhappy customer, AGAIN!, and employees who just don’t “get it”. Do you ever find yourself speaking to an employee that can recite everything they have done today but cannot tell you what they accomplished?  That is because there are two types of people in the world – the first group focuses on Activity and the other on Results.

Ask someone how their day was – they will either start listing activities or will discuss accomplishments. Activity people will talk about how they did every step in the process just like in the instruction booklet. Results people will focus on whether the final result is acceptable.

Supervisors spend too much of their time managing activity and not enough on the results. Many supervisors themselves are activity people and so therefore that is their focus. Supervisors should spend the majority of their time on whether the results are acceptable or not. Focusing on the activity of the employees only feeds the thought process of the activity group.

If you have activity based employee(s) there are several strategies that can be employed to shift them to being more results oriented. The correct strategy is based on the individual and will need to be carefully selected and implemented. Are you ready to get your employees focused on results not activity??

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