4 sources of candidates which cost nothing


Wasting money using recruiters, staffing agencies or expensive Job Boards?

Do you wish that you knew of some FREE sources of candidates?

What free sources are available?

  1. Your own employees can be great recruiters - if properly trained
  2. Education institutions are pressured to get their graduates employed
  3. Job transition Church ministries 
  4. Innumerable bulletin boards all over town - but be choosy
This is just one element of a Recruiting strategy
Which is one part of a comprehensive Human Capital strategy
People Profits case study: It has been consistent with four companies in four vertical industries - the best recruiting results we had were from FREE sources. Training our employees on our Employer Brand so they became full time recruiters while out at work or on leisure time. Finding other sources that had no cost and wanted to give us employees. Knowing where these sources are can be a huge shot of ROI to the bottom line.
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