4 out of 3 people struggle with math - how does it affect recruiting?

“93% of Americans agree that developing good math skills

are essential to being successful in life."

"The majority of Americans admit having difficulty when faced

with applying math in everyday situations."

- Change the Equation


How does poor math skills affect recruiting and retaining?

  1. Candidates struggle with comparing job offers beyond rate of pay.
  2. Candidates will leave a job for a higher rate and lose it all in a higher cost of benefits.
  3. Changes in cost of commuting and other incidental expenses are seldom considered.
  4. Candidates will not review the financial results of companies that are recruiting them - even when available.
  5. Future opportunity is always discussed in the abstract.

What can we do to help candidates and employees with math issues? Note the two way street, candidates you are recruiting and your employees as candidates at other companies.

Here are seven math issues to consider:

  1. What can be done to identify all of the possible math issues?
  2. What math issues can be used by another organization against you?
  3. Are there any math paradigms that need to be overcome?
  4. What do they think they know is true that isn't true?
  5. What hidden costs or income do they not appreciate?
  6. What can you show them in hard copy to get their attention?
  7. What math issues are preventing candidates from applying or accepting?

Each organization will be affected differently.

People Profits case study: A service company was located in a relatively small town that was close to a very large metropolitan area. Many of the citizens of this town commuted into the city for “better jobs”. Few, if any, had ever sat down and calculated how much it cost in hard dollars to commute both directions, five days a week, 50 weeks a year. We spearheaded an effort to educate the citizens of the smaller town how much money they were actually spending. When this information was released we had many applicants tell us they had “no idea” how much it really was. We then also helped them with the cost of their time while commuting and the lifestyle difference when they no longer commuted an hour to an hour and a half each way.

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