35% of employees would PAY YOU to fire their supervisor

35% of employees would PAY YOU to fire their supervisor
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35% of workers would forgo a pay raise if their direct supervisor was fired.

Yahoo - Finance survey, 2012


Front-line supervisors generally have technical knowledge.
Almost all are weak to marginal in regard to management skills.


The following applies to front-line supervisors:  

  • 80% of EMPLOYEE TURNOVER comes from 20% of the supervisors.
  • Many are promoted for their TECHNICAL knowledge. 
  • Few are given any management development PRIOR to the promotion.
  • Few are given any AFTER the promotion.
  • Too many FAIL to meet expectations.   

Case study: A manufacturing company promoted an employee to supervisor. He was given no training or development prior to the promotion. The employees complained that he was the worst supervisor ever. The saving grace was that he cared and tried. The employees said later that each day he got better - on his own. How much easier would it have been if the organization had helped him before and during his promotion? Countless money wasted, employee engagement squandered, morale needing to be repaired.    

So if your new supervisors use this guy as a model of how to manage: 


In case you don't recognize this character, he is Bill Lumbergh from Office Space.
To learn why he is considered to be the icon of bad managers - CLICK HERE

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