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You know what you need from HR - how often do you get it?

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 09:05


You see the stormy road of your Human Capital in front of you

You know what you need from HR - how often do you get it?

Do you feel like HR does NOT SUPPORT YOU - you SUPPORT THEM?

  1. You ask HR for something - they CAN'T DO IT for some reason?
  2. They can do something else - but YOU DON'T SEE the desired results?
  3. Lots of compliance and paperwork - FEW PROBLEMS SOLVED?
  4. No OUT OF THE BOX thinking - the same old tired HR thinking?
  5. HR is taught to take NO RISKS, COMPLIANCE to THEIR RULES
When have you ever solved a problem without taking risks?

People Profits case study: Break HR out of the box that they have put them in. Then you will find revenues, profits, employee engagement, productivity, employee HAPPINESS that you never dreamed possible. Traditional HR thinking is the problem. Instill fundamental business and financial principles into HR and stand back and see the results you want and need!!

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