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Why do 74% of organizations see simplification as a current priority?

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 12:37
Why do 74% of organizations see simplification as a current priority?

“Simplification is an emerging theme; HR is part of the problem.”

Deloitte Consulting 2015 Human Capital report

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People Profits Principle #54

Systems should solve problems - not just create complications


Operations, Sales, or Marketing people are:

  1. Constantly working to be FASTER, more EFFICIENT/EFFECTIVE
  2. They are JUDGED DIRECTLY on very objective results
  3. When they meet one goal – the NEXT GOAL IS HIGHER
  4. Therefore they have to be RESULTS driven

Does the ABOVE describe your HR function or the FOLLOWING?

  1. Tons of PAPER
  2. OBSOLETE processes
  3. ACTIVITY - not results
  4. No DOCUMENTED objective goals
  5. Undocumented goals are VAGUE and NOT MEASURABLE

What if they were held accountable to objective results - like sales?

  1. What is the timetable to solve our SKILLS GAP?
  2. What is our ENGAGEMENT and how can we INCREASE it?
  3. What is our COST and DURATION to HIRE?
  4. What is our TURNOVER - when/how will it go DOWN significantly?
  5. Why do we hire 110-120% of our open positions?
    1. New hires not showing up or quitting quickly?

The list goes on and on? (What would be on your list?)
If you were to solve these problems, your life would get seriously simpler
and more profitable

Let's review the list of 5 objective results above:

  1. 10% better results for each item equals how much money?
  2. $ Millions? $ Tens of thousands?
  3. What if your net income DOUBLED?
  4. How much time and stress would you eliminate?

2015 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest College Nationals
The Professional Engineers Society puts on a yearly contest

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People Profits case study: A manufacturing company saw an increase of $1.7 million or 30.4% in their net income each year by achieving results in just two of the above list. Turnover, cost of recruiting and selecting, costly employee benefits among many others are very expensive. What makes it worse is that many times we don’t know if we are hitting the targets because we never set them. 

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