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A “Seat at the Table” – which table do you want - Big or small?

Mon, 08/15/2016 - 17:16


People are constantly talking about “A seat at the table”

My question is – “Which table are you talking about - big or small?”
  • The big table is in the conference room with 20 chairs
  • Every organizational function is represented
  • Meetings are tactical and work is delegated
  • All the real decisions have already been made

HR people in particular are happy to have “a seat at the table”

They think they have arrived
  • The small table is in the CEOs office
  • It has 3 maybe 4 chairs around it.
  • It is where the CEO, COO and CFO make all the big decisions
  • Strategies are mapped out, resources allocated, goals are defined
The fourth chair should be occupied by the manager of the “greatest asset”

The C-Suite wants the Chief HR Officer to be there

So, what is holding HR back?
Small table talk is strategy, business growth, revenues and profits

Business acumen is not a strength of HR
  • Deloitte Consulting CEO survey - a 1.6 on a 4.0 scale - a solid D
  • The main obstacle to HR having a seat at the small table
  • Every HR professional sees themselves as an exception to the rule  
My goal is to show HR people how to get a seat at the small table

They must first deal with the reality of their strengths and weaknesses

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