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Sewing machines staccatoed and bobbin winders hummed as Clark Ingram walked into the Kansas apparel company. But his attention was drawn elsewhere. “I saw bags of money lying around on the floor,” recalls the human resources specialist.

Clark is unique with his approach to Human Resources, in that he excels with the financial ROI, while maintaining the critical/positive rapport with peers and subordinates. Clarks' strengths are a rare combination in his field of work, and an asset for everyone involved.

                                                                 John Florie, Owner/Creative Director at RIGHTMIND Creative Solutions


Clark brings a unique and powerful perspective to human resource management. He combines decades of HR management experience with a finance background enabling his clients to transform their human capital management into substantial growth in profits from increased productivity. I highly recommend Clark because he has a track record of transforming the profitability of businesses through the application of sound human resource management principles combined with financial metrics that actually demonstrate multiples of return on investment.

“In my time working with Clark, I am continually impressed with his leadership abilities and his insights. Clark has the unique ability to connect with people and is an eager student of...everything!

Many times I have watched Clark confront very challenging business situations while balancing tricky team dynamics and communication requirements. Not only did he overcome these challenges, but his practice has been to take the extra step and immediately transfer knowledge and practice to all of his team members.


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